Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Little English

This may seem like a strange title for a post and it calls for an explanation. I will try to give you that and of course I hope it will be a suitable one even though it's still may seem a little bit strange...
It all comes from the problem that most parents have: Finding nice clothes for your children. Now, being the father of two lovely daughters I certainly can relate to the problem. Not that it normally is hard to find nice clothings for the toddlers but when it comes to really nice things and actual toddler dresses for the youngest - we were going to a wedding so we really wanted her to look pretty - then it is quite a problem.
Nevertheless, no problems are so big that they cannot be solved as long as you have the internet. So I went cruising on the internet and I came by Little English which is a very nice web shop for childrens clothings and what do you know: A bit of browsing - a few clicks - and the following week we went to the wedding with the prettiest little girl you have ever seen.

Monday, October 26, 2009


What a strange title for a post! Søgemaskineoptimering. What in G..s name is that? Well, you all know it. It's SEO - search engine optimization. But spelled in Danish. And why is it that you want to write about that. That's a good question. There is a lot of money in it. Not writing about it but working with search engine optimzation and I find it extremely interesting. So does this Danish company that specializes in optimizing websites to the search engines in order to get your website to appear at the top of searches in for instance Google.
And as Google is the biggest and most popular search engine then it could rightly be called Google SEO. That's where people go and that's where the money is.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Into playing games?

As this blog is about making a little extra on the side I allow this little ad. Check it out if you are into games. You can find all the usual casino games and it is all free. Well, of course nothing is free in the World but you get at chance to make some money and if you are skilled at what you do you may be able to get away with your deposit and a little extra.
Jackpot City

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shop-a-holic look here!

Most of us/you know all about how Google works. You search for something and then Google has web-crawlers scanning the internet for relevant web pages. These pages come up on the search page in order of relevance. Most of the time at least. Sometimes web pages have paid to be on the very top of the search page but you will know this because it says so.
Well, this arrangement is now made for shopping too. Not at Google but at ShopWiki. One of the problems up till now with web pages or directories for shopping has been that all the results were shops that had paid to be on the search result. This is not the case with ShopWiki.
So if you for instance are looking for girls fashion or just clothing for girls or women then it would be of interest to try ShopWiki. As I understand it - and this is why I really find the idea interesting - there is no money involved in the search results. When you type in a search word then you get a list of all the most relevant shops. It's not just the shops who have paid the most but really the shops with the highest relevance for your search.
That's in my oppinion a fantastic concept.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Making money on gambling

Does the words: Fodbold, Drengerøv, Oddset and Sport mean anything to you. Well, I guess sport is a universal word and Odds is something most guys know about when it comes to sports and putting money on a game. If I then tell you that "fodbold" is soccer in Danish and "drengerøv" is the expression our girlfriends would use to describe us to their friends everytime we sit in front of the tv with your six pack of beers watching the game of the day.
The last word is derived from the fact that there is so many things women don't understand. For instance what the games is about and why it is more important than many other things in life. And this is what the site underneath is about. The games, the odds, the betting and the thing about being a "drengerøv". It's the site to go to if you want to be confirmed that: there is so many things women don't understand.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Worlds Worst Website

Take a look at this. It's not that it is the most interesting article but it is placed at hubpages which is a place where you can write short articles or post pictures and then have it show your google ads. A nice and interesting way to make little extra on the side.
The Worlds Worst Website

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Linked up to the World

Another "link up blog". Not so interesting but maybe the author can elaborate on the content.

Linked up to the World

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Something about blogging and getting results

Are you looking to improve your blogging results? You've got the best theme going and you post new content fairly regularly but the traffic is still not what you hoped for. Well have you taken a look underneath the 'hood' of your new 'monster' blog?

Remember one thing here: your blog is web 2.0 at its finest but you may be missing what makes an 'interactive' online presence like yours so popular.

Do you lack the buzz?

By generating a buzz you're generating traffic

5 sure ways to generate a 'buzz' and boost the traffic flow to your blog:


Be sure you take advantage of the 'about me' section of your blog. Introduce yourself to new visitors and let them know why you are blogging. Give them a little insight into you such as interest, possibly family, and any other history or experience that would be relative to why you are blogging. This will make it easier for readers to 'connect' to you.


Connect with other bloggers especially in your niche by linking to them. As you visit other blogs you'll find some contain content that would be useful to your readers. Don't be afraid to link to these blogs so your readers may benefit from the content there also. Not only will your own readers appreciate it but the other blog owner will thank you for generating traffic to his blog. In turn it is likely the other blog will reciprocate by linking back to you provided you're posting quality content. Now everybody benefits and both your blogs have increased exposure within the community.


Blogs are designed to allow interactivity between and amongst readers and the blog owner. Don't remain silent but instead respond back to comments left. This will encourage readers to become more involved and will increase the feeling of community on your blog. Everybody wants to be heard and likes the sense of 'belonging' so nurture these wants and needs by creating an environment of give and take.


Stick to talking about what you know! If you start to 'wing it' your readers will know and then a lack of trust will develop and you'll start losing readers. The deeper the hole you dig for yourself the more effort it takes to climb out of it.

Be honest with your readers since they will appreciate this. They know you're human and they don't necessarily expect you to know everything. Focus on your own strengths and pool of knowledge. As time goes on your knowledge and expertise will grow and expand so be patient.


Be sure to show your appreciation to loyal readers since they make your blog successful. A thank you note or perhaps a post identifying and recognizing their loyalty would be nice. You could also send a free gift such as an ebook containing helpful information they may appreciate.

In order to improve your blogging results paying attention to your readers and showing them your appreciation will go a long way. By doing this you'll create a 'positive' buzz with them thereby developing a stronger bond and more referrals. Remember by generating a buzz you're generating traffic!